Sanitary wares from Cera is a symbol of style and luxury. It satisfies its customers through contemporary design and manner. With Great innovation and technological advancement, Cera has become a benchmark design. It is the sign of quality and gives prominence to sustainability. SV Marketing, Bangalore sells a variety of Cera sanitary wares like Cera single commode, Cera wall mounted commode, Cera wash basin and Cera urinals.

The Cera single commode comes in different styles and range for both domestic and commercial use. It is built with nano glaze technology to ensure strain resistant surface and comes with anti-bacterial protection. The rimless flushing in these products saves water and makes the cleaning process simple and easy. The clean rims in Cera products ensure better hygiene along with water efficiency and easy cleaning. The flushing efficiency is 4.2/2.2(high/low).

Cera wall mounted commode comes in different styles like Campbell, carnival, cruise, central croma and so on within different price range which satisfies both commercial and domestic needs. These commodes have the advantage of Clean rims that ensures both water efficiency and hygiene with easy cleaning and maintenance. The flushing efficiency is 4.2/2.2(high/low).

Cera wash basins come in different styles and range. The sharp rim of these designs conveys a sleek look which gives it a highly sophisticated approach. The different designs like counter/ cabinet wash basin, wall hung wash basin with half pedestal, wall hung wash basin with full pedestal, table top wash basin, wall hung wash basin without a pedestal, salon special wash basins and so on.

Urinals from Cera comes with a flushing efficiency of 0.75 LPF. These can be converted waterless by fitting 2550 key valve with fitments. Urinals come in wide varieties with integrated EFS and electronic flushing systems with sleek designs. These products have been awarded three-star rating with 4 green rating PTS.