Size In Inch3/4Inner Diameter16 mmOuter Diameter20mm
S V MARKETING With Jindal mlc pipes offer the latest technology in piping for Air, Argon, Nitrogen, CO2, and Argon/CO2 gas mixtures.

With benefits like fast and easy installation, easy modification and adaptability to all existing metal piping or thermoplastic system, Jindal mlc Pipes are a revolution in industrial Air and inert gas supply piping system.

Jindal Air Connect is an innovative piping system for compressed air and inert gas distribution that uniquely combines all the benefits of plastic and metal in one pipe.

Pipes and fittings are joined together using either compression technique or Crimp technique which have various benefits such as Fast and easy installation, no need to weld, glue, fuse, or thread.

Air Connect not only extends the life of the system, but significantly reduces leakage that leads to saving of time, labour, and operating costs.


  • Optimum flow
  • Compact
  • Bending Flexibility
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Handling & Transportation
  • Lower labour cost
  • Less Fittings
  • Easy, Fast and Safe Installation