Copper Gas Pipe is considered to be more reliable than the plastic pipes and tubes. They are leak proof, durable and require minimum maintenance and hence are cost saving and advantageous over any other material.

Gas Training : Human error is the greatest cause of gas leaks and incidents. The OSH Act requires staff to be trained as to the exposed hazards and emergency action to be taken in such events. SV Marketing offers basic gas handling courses to general staff and advanced legal compliance gas training to management.

Risk Assessment : Amongst other things our role is to promote safety and legal compliance in the gas industry. In our risk assessment we determine the value of risk related to your current situation and recognized hazards. We focus on two key components, namely the magnitude of the potential loss and the probability that the loss may occur.
Feel free to contact to do a risk assessment for all risks associated with flammable and toxic fuels or gases.


  • Completely leak proof, copper pipes require no threading
  • Owing to the corrosion resistant property of copper, our copper Gas are resistant to corrosion and hence the water carried through the pipes also do not brown as it does in the case of Galvanized Iron Pipes
  • Our copper gas pipes are easy to install via soldering/ brazing process
  • Our quality copper gas system has a longer & durable life. They last upto 50 years